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Who Issues Form 15?

The Form 15 certificate is a crucial document in the construction industry, tailored to the unique characteristics of each job site, resulting in variations in its content. While suppliers like Ezzy Fit Pty Ltd are not obligated to provide a Form 15 certificate, understanding its purpose and role is essential. Building certifiers have the authority to accept a Form 15 certificate from qualified professionals, such as engineers, who possess the necessary design specifications for elements like retaining walls, buildings, and house slabs to name a couple. These specifications play a vital role in ensuring the project’s structural integrity and overall safety. The Form 15 certificate includes an evaluation of the building site’s suitability, soil testing for stability, and compliance with relevant council requirements. It serves as an assurance to all parties involved and contributes to upholding the high standards expected in the construction industry. Upon completing a Form 15 in Queensland, the appointed person (engineer) will provide the certificate to the building certifier, who will then use it as documentation in the building approval process for the job address.