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Top cap 2.4 mtrs long x 27mm high

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Top cap 2.4 mtrs long x 27mm high

The Ezzy Fit Top Cap is expertly designed to provide a clean and squared-off appearance when placed on top of the top sleeper. With a standardized length of 2.4 mtr, the Top Cap ensures uniformity and ease of installation. Recognizing that customer preferences may vary, we have taken into consideration the desire for an angled finish. At Ezzy Fit, we are dedicated to meeting the unique needs of all our clients, which is why we have developed the versatile Top Cap to accommodate different design preferences. For a hassle-free installation, the Ezzy Fit Top Cap can be securely attached using the Adhesive 2C Professional. This professional-grade adhesive ensures a reliable and worry-free attachment, allowing you to confidently complete your project.


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