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Ezzy Fit composite materials provide a safe and reliable working environment, in contrast to concrete and heavy timber products. These traditional materials have the potential to cause significant delays and even result in costly compensation claims if accidentally dropped on any part of the body. However, by utilizing Ezzy Fit lightweight materials, work can proceed without interruption, allowing for a continuous and efficient workflow.



Whether you're a developer, subdivision expert, landscaper, or homeowner, Ezzy Fit has the ideal solution for your retaining wall or fence needs. Our composite retaining walls are incredibly strong, reaching heights of up to 5mtrs. They provide the perfect combination of strength and durability. Additionally, our fencing materials offer excellent security and protection for your family. With Ezzy Fit, you can trust that your project will be completed effectively and efficiently, ensuring that you only have to do the job once.

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5 Step Process


Safety glasses, Mask, work boots, Measuring tape, Scissor shovels, aggie pipe, 20mm drainage gravel, Geofabric, Post Crete, Ezzy Fit Sleepers/Material & posts



Rule of thumb for retaining walls, with posts, what is above the ground must go into the ground & approximately 450mm round holes. By this time you know where you want your new retaining or fence. Grab your pegs place 1 peg at the start & 1 at the end. Now it’s time for your string line, put 1 end of your string line on the 1st peg then to the end peg set the string line tight. Directly under your string line mark where your holes will go. Make sure you leave enough space at the back of your wall for the drainage gravel.



After your holes are dug, place your posts in the holes ready for concrete. Best way to make sure your posts are set at the right measurements is to have a spacer bar cut at the size of your sleeper positioning your spacer bar between the posts then set your posts. Make sure your posts are level.



After your posts & concrete is set start placing your Ezzy Fit Sleepers between the posts until desired height. After your wall is erected, get your geofabric place behind your sleeper wall, lay 100mm of gravel behind your wall then your Aggie pipe goes on 100mm of gravel then the rest of your gravel goes over the Aggie pipe until your wall is filled.



Enjoy! Enjoy your hard work and the added beauty of Ezzy Fit Sleepers & fencing.


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Composite Retaining Wall
For Retaining Walls
  • Sleeper
  • Posts
  • Concrete
  • Aggie Pipe
  • Gravel
  • Giofab
  • Top soil


Fencing Supplies
For Fencing
  • Posts
  • Concrete
  • Pannels